Dusanka Šarić Shares Her Healthy Hair Routine

Dusanka has been seen as a regular face for the popular Australian social media giants of the beauty industry including Natalie Anne, Emma Chen and Mia Connor. She has modelled from bridal to print and has a real passion for looking after her skin and hair. And it shows from her glowing skin and luscious locks. Below Dusanka opens up about her beauty routines and product secrets that keep her hair and skin looking flawless.


"Beautiful hair to me is healthy hair that always looks effortless yet well maintained. It should also compliment your face and be an element through which you can express your style, mood or creativity."

Why did you want to become a model?

From a very young age, ‘you should get into modelling’ was the most common compliment I’d get, but I never wanted to be just a model. Even though I absolutely love being in front of the camera, I love having creative control more than anything. I’ve got a degree in Communications and I’ve always dreamed of working for a fashion/beauty publication.

Who have you loved working with in the hair industry?

Seeing my face in large format print and catalogues was definitely one of my biggest pinch me moments. I’ve also been in a few of Natalie Anne’s viral tutorial videos which was a little bit surreal.

What do you love most about modelling?

Definitely working with insanely creative, talented and inspiring people.I love seeing everyone’s creative juices mesh and turn into something amazing. I love the environment and witnessing the entire process from start to finish. The behind the scenes efforts excite me so much to see everyone working towards a concept and letting their passion shine.

How would you describe your hairs texture?

My hair is super straight, long and will not hold a curl unless a professional begs it to. Most of it is my natural colour, but when I spend a lot of time in the sun, I end up with lots of natural highlights. To maintain the sun kissed look I also get it done by Ellie at Natalie Anne every 4-6 months.

What hair products or tools do you use on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy?

Jaye Edwards founder of Edwards and Co recently got me hooked on Virtue Labs. Their shampoo and conditioner has revived my hair so much.

I also really love the Original Moroccan Oil treatment which I’ve been using since I was 15.

I wash my hair once a week unless I’ve got a shoot... and every fortnight I apply a mask treatment.

At the moment I’m about to run out of Natalie Anne’s C3 charcoal mask.

I apply it to slightly damp hair and then braid it. It’s actually looks really good and I get a lot of compliments on the style. I even wear it out when I have errands to run and no one knows I’ve got treatment in.

Occasionally I use Vitafive CPR Blonde Mask mixed with Evo Hair Fabuloso for Blonde to tone my hair between getting it professionally done. I find the CPR mask can be a bit too drying so the Fabuloso conditioner perfectly balances it out.

Thanks to Hairstylist Carolyn Jayun ‘s recommendation, I recently bought a Boar Hair brush (Evo spike) and a Parlux blow dryer, so now I no longer need to straighten my hair after drying it to get rid of the flyaways & fluffiness.

As for supplements, I really love the Glow Powder from The Beauty Chef and I also regularly add spirulina and maca powders to my smoothies which help keep my skin clear, nails long and hair healthy.

What is your signature hair and makeup look?

Natural glowy orange-bronze goddess vibes. I love looking sun kissed, with fluffy yet tamed brows, long natural lashes, with a subtle 90s dark nude lip and lots of bronzer.

What hair styling products do you use regularly?

I’m obsessed with dry shampoo and don’t usually use anything else unless it’s a special event. My favourite is the Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo.

If I need extra volume I love adding in Natalie Anne’s S2 powder and finishing up with Jaye’s Dry Texture Spray.

I hate the feeling of too many products in my hair, especially when I style it myself so I try to stay away from hairsprays but if I’m desperate for some extra hold I use everyone’s favourite - L’Oréal Elnett.

What are the makeup and skin care products you are loving?

Skincare is king and I know it probably sounds like I’m obsessed with hair care but my skincare obsession is on another level.I don’t use too many products and I don’t use everything every day and night. I listen to my skin and I like to give it what it needs and I try to stay away from products (as well as foods) that it hates.

Here’s a list of products (in the order that I usually use them) that I’m loving at the moment:


And most importantly my two holy grail products

Dr Roebuck’s No Worries Moisturiser and Murad Essential C Day Moisture with SPF 15+.

I also love to use Face Water By Eco Tan if I’m feeling a little pasty or Invisible Zinc Tinted Moisturiser in Medium if I’m going to be in the sun and don’t feel like wearing any makeup.

As for makeup, I’m loving  with the NARS Copper eyeshadow palette,

Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzer and Hourglass Panoramic Lip Pencil in Eden and the Bobby Brown Natural Brow Shaper in Mahogany.

However the one product that has blown me away is the Poni Cosmetics White Knight Mascara. No panda eyes, no irritation and no struggle when taking it off. It’s a must have.

What hair and makeup trends are you loving at the moment?

Glowy Skin that looks like skin, 90s lip and smoked out brown liner with defined lashes and fluffy brows.Absolutely love the Mermaid hair trend so much as well.

Where do you shop online for a new outfit for a special event?

Revolve, David Jones or The Iconic. At the moment I’ve got my eye on an insanely stunning dress from For Love and Lemons... but I’ve got no where to wear it (...yet).

Who are your current fashion muses?

Rosie Huntington Whitley, Mathilde Goehler, Desi Perkins, Bella Hadid, Valentina Muntoni, Jade Tunch, Isabella Gray and Molly King.

How would you style a Beau.Mane hair accessory in your hair for an event?

I recently wore my Beau Mane oversized pearl snap clips to a christening. I put my hair up in a textured pony but I was struggling so much to smooth out the lumps and bumps. Luckily I had the clips on hand and they were the perfect size to hide the imperfections in my up style.

Which Beau.Mane hair clips do you have?

Beau.Mane Rectangle Pearl Snap Clip

Beau.Mane Triangle Pearl Snap Clip

Beau.Mane Classic Pearl Hair Pin 

Beau.Mane Mixed Pearl Hair Pin