Mackenzie Sinclair Shares Her Favourite Hair Products

Mackenzie started modelling at the age of 17 when she was scouted by an editor from Early in her modelling career, Mackenzie has featured in multiple fashion look-books for emerging Australian fashion designers and advertising campaigns including the the launch of The Langham Sydney X Pink Hope. Miss Sinclair has modelled for creative editorial pieces in Magazines including the luxury Australian beauty publication Laud Magazine, Prospect and fashion and beauty magazine Eloque.


What does BEAUTIFUL.HAIR mean to you?

"Beautiful hair to me means textured healthy hair that gives a glow of confidence that radiates and makes me feel glamorous by complementing any outfit."

Why did you want to become a model?

I was always curious about modelling as a teenager. When I was scouted I began to do more research into the profession and the different creative avenues you can explore during your career. This extensive research has lead me to study a bachelor of fashion business as I am very interested in all aspects of this creative industry. Growing up one of my role models was Miranda Kerr and I aim to be a role model for future generations! 

What do you love most about modelling?

Being able to meet all kinds of people in the industry would definitely be what I love the most about modelling. I love hearing the passion in other creatives when they talk about their work, listening to their inspiring stories. I also love how the fashion industry is always evolving and creating a positive change with celebrating diversity in body shapes and ethnicity backgrounds. I am so happy that more and more brands are looking at their environmental impact on the world and are implenting ways on reducing their carbon footprint.   

How would you describe your hair?

My hair is quite thick and voluminous, however, it can get quite dry at the ends and oily towards the roots. I've recently had a big chop to a bob, so my hair is quite short but very healthy which for me is very important for feeling confident in my hair. My natural hair colour is dark brown and I am often questioned if this is my natural colour. 

What hair products or tools do you use on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy?

 There are a few different methods I use to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy on a regular basis; The first one would be getting regular trims to keep the ends of my hair looking very fresh. For a hairbrush, I use a nylon and bore bristle brush which helps distribute the oil throughout my hair making the ends super shiny and reducing the amount of oil towards the top of my hair, this also means I don't have to wash my hair as much. For shampoo and conditioner, I use the Aveda cherry almond softening range because it not only smells super delish but also makes my hair so soft.

The Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo provides beautiful shine from the sweet almond oil and cherry blossom while the babassu and coconut derived ingredients gently cleanse hair while maintaining healthy lipids and oils.

The organic shea butter, almond oil and cherry blossom in the Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Conditioner restore the hairs softness and shine by deeply conditioning the each hair strand to reduce tangles and leaves the hair incredibly soft and weightless ready for styling.

What is your signature hair and makeup look?

When I'm going out to an event or somewhere where I can dress up, I'll curl my hair so I have some lush beach waves. For my makeup, I like to keep my skin looking natural and glowy. For my eyes, I like to do a smokey brown liner with a touch of shimmer. Depending on the outfit I'll either go with a pinky nude lip gloss or a red lip.

What hair styling products do you use regularly?

One of the main styling products I use is a dry shampoo between washes to keep my roots fresh and to reduce some of the natural oils from coming through. I also use it to add some texture to my roots so they don't look too flat, I use Lazy Girl by Sam McKnight because it doesn't tend to turn my hair white and it lasts for a long time.

When I curl my hair I like to use a heat protectant hair spray as it protects my hair from the curling iron and makes the curls last at the same time, making it super easy for me. I use the Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press.

What are the makeup and skin care products you are loving at the moment and why?

For skincare I love a face oil because my skin is towards the drier side, Juno by Sunday Riley keeps my face bright and glowing all day without looking like an oil slick on my face.

For makeup I am loving the Charlotte Tilbury, Eyes to Mesmerise in the shade Jean. It is a cream shimmer eye shadow however I also like to use it as my highlight when I want a subtle glow.

What hair & makeup trends are you loving at the moment?

I love naturally textured short hair which is why I got a big chop recently, short hair looks so effortless and healthy. For makeup trends, I love the faux freckle look and well as letting natural freckles shine through pared with a bronzed glow giving a naturally sun-kissed look. 

Where do you shop online for a new outfit for a special event?

When shopping online for a new outfit my go-to is often The Iconic because they have so many different brands and styles so I can usually find what I'm looking for and the next day shipping is always helpful for last-minute outfits.

Who are your current fashion muses?

 My current fashion muse would have to be Yan Yan Chan, she has such effortless style and can pull off anything she puts on. Her style pushes me to step out of my comfort zones when planning outfits and I love how wearing more unique outfits make me feel.

Which Beau.Mane have clips do you have?

How would you style a Beau.Mane hair accessory in your hair for an event?

With my short hair, I would have a lot of texture and volume and use the hair accessory to draw attention to the hair by placing above the ear on the side. I love the volume and texture created in the below hairstyle from the amazing Australian hair and makeup artist Emma Chen.