Makeup Artist Naomi Keller Shares her Lipstick Tip

Why did you want to become a Hair and Make-up Artist?

I became a makeup artist as I loved what power makeup held for women (and men) in being able to express themselves. Looking great and feeling great go hand in hand and I love being able to bring out the beauty in everyone. Makeup can also create confidence in your own skin and that is a power everyone should have.

What has been your biggest ‘pinch me’ moment in your career so far?

I would have to say having my images published in magazines (LAUD, Fen Hong Se, Salyse) that has always been a goal of mine and to have achieved that has been incredible, next goal would be to have my images published on a national level (eg: Australian Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan etc)


What do you love most about your job?

The thing I love most about my job would have to be the finished photograph, this moment is full of awe and suspense when you see everyone’s contributions all at once and you see your hard work has paid off. It’s the moment everything comes together, the makeup, the hair, the model, the clothes and shoes, the location; if you did it right then the moment is euphoric.

Who’s your ultimate icon you would you love to work with and why?

This is a hard one as there are so many talented makeup artists in our industry, one of my icons would be Pat McGrath, I think she’s making a huge impact on the beauty industry and working alongside her would be a dream.

Who inspires you in the make-up industry ?

Again, so many talented people in this industry I could make a whole list. However one of my major inspirations for hair is Linda Ha, her instagram is honestly hair goals, she works with a lot of extensions and creates amazing ‘editorial/festival’ style hair which I love. I’ve even taken her inspiration to create a festival look for myself with extensions and it was the most fun thing I’ve done to my hair.

Whereas a makeup artist who inspires me would be Danessa Myricks @danessa_myricks all of her work is incredible, she plays a lot with colour and she’s mastered the glowy skin look. All of her looks are so beautifully created and bold and it’s very much a  fashion and runway style which is why I love it so much.

How would you describe your hair texture?

I would describe my hair as very wavy, as much as I prefer my hair dead straight, I have to admit I’m lucky to have effortless wavy hair. It dries to a beach look and a lot of people ask if I curl my hair, and they are shocked when I say it’s natural. Although it definitely needs a good hair mask ;)

Naomi Keller Hair and Makeup Artist - Beautiful Hair - BEAU MANE

What hair products or tools do you use on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy?

I love using the MUK leave in spray conditioner to throw in my hair before I brush it and style it, I think it’s gives it a nice boost of hydration.

I also mix up between a Fudge purple toning shampoo and MUK softening shampoo to keep my hair clean and nourished.

What is your signature hair and makeup look?

Honestly, I’m so basic, especially when it comes to my everyday work look. My go to makeup look is glowy bronzed skin, with a soft brown smokey eye, peach blush and an pink lip tint - if I’m feeling brave I pop on a bold orange or red lip! On the other hand my go to hair style is just washed and dried hair (letting my wavy locks bounce around) and a few bobby pins or cute clips to hold them back off my face and I’m done. What hair styling products do you use regularly on yourself and why?

The main styling products I use are the MUK leave in spray conditioner, the GHD final fix hairspray, and if my hair is feeling frizzy or I have dry ends I pop in some Garnier anti frizz hair oil/serum.

What are the makeup and skin care products you are loving at the moment?

Ooh this is an easy one, favourite skin care product right now is the Perricone Cold Plasma Plus serum - this serum literally targets all signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles; but it also helps any serum you pop on top of it to penetrate the skin deeper and work more effectively.

However my fave makeup product and holy grail is the MAC fix + this is such a versatile product. I use it before I apply my makeup on my skin, onto my brush before applying foundation, I also use it to make my eyeshadow and highlighter more pigmented, and of course to finish off my look by hydrating and setting my makeup.

What is your most requested hair and makeup look from clients?

Glowy skin has definitely been a huge trend of the last few years, it’s the most asked for with my photo shoots, along with a sleek hairstyle, whether that be a sleeked back pony or just the hair pushed back and styled down.

What are your favourite hair styling tools?

I would say my teasing comb, it helps me whenever I’m creating any hairstyle, I love that it helps hold the hair together whilst styling but also helps finish off the hair once I’m done, by holding back fly away hairs.

What hair styling products are used in your professional kit daily?

Definitely a heat protecting spray and a hairspray/finishing spray. These are my go to for any style. Gotta protect the hair and make it last all day on a shoot.

What hair & makeup trends are you loving at the moment?

I’m loving the pastel trend that has been floating around Instagram lately, I feel pastels are just such a a nice soft touch to any look. You can make it so effortless with a light wash over the eye, or as a soft blush/highlighter look. The hair trends I’m loving right now would be the over the top braiding festival looks, I love that it’s so bold and creative plus they are super fun to do.

What is a professional tip or trick you would like to share?

PLEASE fill in your lips with lip liner, it can look really unflattering when a lipstick rubs off and you’re left with a red or pink lip liner all around your lips. This tip is also useful for people who love a glossy lipstick that comes off easily, they can maintain the colour by filling in their lips with their favourite liner. Don’t forget you can also create a crisp line and plumber lips with a lip liner so it’s an amazing product. You can get so much more out of your look if you use it wisely ;)

Where do you shop online for a new outfit for a special event?

My go to for party outfits or very ‘dressy’ events would be Showpo because they have such a great collection of colourful outfits, and they have a great variety of sizes as well and I love that they actually show you the dress on two different models so you can see determine what it would look like on you before you buy it.

Who are your current fashion muses?

I don’t have a particular person in mind, but I do have a fashion brand that I adore. The brand Sundae Muse showcases the most adorable dresses and I’m a sucker for a cute floral mini dress so this is my go to for fashion inspo.