Edgy Glam Hairstyle

Edgy Glam Hairstyle - Hair Clip Hairstyles - BEAU MANE

To achieve this, glam hairdo on straight hair start by backcombing the roots for volume at the top only and gently brush into place. Spritz the top of the hair with a texture spray to create movement. Apply hair gel to the sides and allow the product to dry. Keep the hairstyle in place by adding rhinestone hair clips.



HAIR: Lisa Fulginiti @lisa.fulginiti

MAKE-UP: Shauna Crowley @shaunacrowleymakeup

PHOTO: Chantelle Kemkemian @chantellekemkemian

FASHION STYLIST: Lolo Jones @goldfoxcreative

MODEL: Liilia Lehtsaar @liiiiilia


BEAU.MANE hair clips used are;

Extreme Glam Hair Pin  - Hair Clips Australia - BEAU MANE 

Extreme Glam Hair Pin

Silver Rhinestone Hair Pin