Fringed Topknot Hairstyle

Fringed Topknot Hairstyle - How to Wear Hair Clips - BEAU MANE

Sleek hair into a high ponytail and knot hair to create a topknot. This hairstyle is great for babes with side-swept fringes. To create bangs with long hair, leave a section of the hair out of topknot and secure it into place with diamanté hair pins.


HAIR: Lisa Fulginiti @lisa.fulginiti

MAKE-UP: Shauna Crowley @shaunacrowleymakeup

PHOTO: Chantelle Kemkemian @chantellekemkemian

FASHION STYLIST: Lolo Jones @goldfoxcreative

MODEL: Kea Smith @keaa_smith


BEAU.MANE hair clips used are;

Mixed Pink Rhinestone Hair Pin - Hair Clips Australia - BEAU MANE

Mixed Pink Rhinestone Hair Clip

Pink Rhinestone Hair Clip - Hair Accessories Australia - BEAU MANE