Half-Up Half-Down Waves

Half-Up Half-Down Waves - How To Wear Hair Clips - BEAU MANE

For babes without curly hair, use a medium side curling wand on vertical sections. Flat wrap the hair down the barrel and leave the ends straight to create beach waves. Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers to get a natural texture by gently raking the hair. Secure the top section of hair, off the face by alternating pearl hair clips.


HAIR: Jodie Day @jodiedaybridalhairstylist

PHOTO: Beau.Mane @beau.mane


BEAU.MANE hair clips used are;

Spray Pearl Hair Slide - Hair Accessories Australia - BEAU MANE
Double Row Pearl Hair Slide - Hair Clips Australia - BEAU MANE
Mixed Pearl Hair Clip -  Beautiful Hair - BEAU MANE