Sleek Low Part Hairstyle

Sleek Low Part Hairstyle - Hair Clip Hairstyles - BEAU MANE

To achieve this glam hairstyle, add gel to straight hair and comb through to create a wet-look hairstyle. Wait for the gel to set and then stack multiple rhinestone hair pins across the front to keep hair in place.


HAIR: Lisa Fulginiti @lisa.fulginiti

MAKE-UP: Shauna Crowley @shaunacrowleymakeup

PHOTO: Chantelle Kemkemian @chantellekemkemian

FASHION STYLIST: Lolo Jones @goldfoxcreative

MODEL: Liilia Lehtsaar @liiiiilia


BEAU.MANE hair clips used are;

Large Rhinestone Hair Pin - Hair Accessories Australia - BEAU MANE