Textured Waved Hairstyle

Textured Waved Hairstyle - How To Wear Hair Clips - BEAU MANE

Create texture waves with a medium-sized curling wand with small sections and gently separate them with a wide-tooth comb. Softly backcomb through the roots to mid-lengths for extra volume and style support. Decorate the hair with a variety of pearl hair clips.


HAIR: Carolyn Gahan @carolynjayun

MAKE-UP: Alex Perrin @alexperrinmua

PHOTO: Chantelle Kemkemian @chantellekemkemian

FASHION STYLIST: Lolo Jones @goldfoxcreative

MODEL: Mackenzie Sinclair @kenzsinclair


BEAU.MANE hair clips used are;

Mini Pearl Hair Clip - Beautiful Hair - BEAU MANE
Mixed Pearl Hair Pin - Hair Clips Australia - BEAU MANE
Classic Pearl Hair Pin - Hair Accessories Australia - BEAU MANE