Oversized Pearl Hair Pin

$2.50 $6

This striking hair clip set is for those wanting to turn heads. The pearls are strung on a line which creates a lot of depth and boldness to the design.

These pearl hair clips work will in textural hair designs or naturally curly hair to show off the movement and volume of the hairstyle.

These hair accessories can complete a playful feminine outfit or glam up a simple tee and jeans.





CREATIVE DESIGN: L = 7.6cm W = 3.6cm

SOLD: Individually 


Here are some benefits of using hair accessories and ways to style your hair;

  • Keep hair out of face by adding a hair pin to either side of a middle part hairstyle.
  • Keep hair tucked behind one ear by adding a decorative bobby pin to a deep side part with waves or straight hair.
  • Keep shorter face framing layers in place by stacking hair clips on the side of a ponytail hairstyle.
  • For a deep side part keep hair out of eyes by securing hair with a decorative hair pin or stack a few together.
  • Use hair clips to secure shorter hair strands that don’t reach your topknot or high bun hairstyles to make your hairstyle look polished.
  • If you struggle using heated styling tools to make your hair look on trend, simply pop in a hair clip to natural hair texture for instant style without the fuss.
  • Are you someone who always runs late and don’t have time to style your hair? Grab some hair jewellery that works with your outfit to pull the whole look together.
  • Growing out a fringe? We all hate that in-between hair stage. Use a hair clip to pin those shorter strand back.
  • If you don’t have your ears pierced, hair accessories are a great alternative to traditional jewellery pieces.
  • Brides that aren't keen on wearing a traditional veil, a decorative hair clip is a modern accessory to add to a upstyle, half up hairstyle or waves.
  • For hair that is darker in tone, adding hair accessories to a hairstyle can show off the hairs texture.
  • For bridal parties that are having different hairstyles, add in a hair pin to create uniformity between the individual looks.
  • Add decorative hair pins to braids, hair buns and topknot hairstyles to show off your unique style.
  • Create a youthful vibe and make a statement with your style by adding in hair clips that showcase your personality.

How To Store Hair Accessories

  • Beau.Mane has created beautiful soft faux suede pouches to store and protect your hair accessory pieces.

  • When placing the hair accessories into the storage pouch, try to keep each piece separated from one another to stop the metal and harder stones from friction rubbing and impact scratching.

  • The faux suede storage pouch will also protect the hair clips from dust and damage from the elements. Always store your hair jewellery pieces away from direct sunlight, damp and extremes of the heat and cold.

  • If possible, store the pearl hair clips separate from the other hair accessories as they are softer and more vulnerable to scratches and other damage. The colour of some gemstones can be altered if it's constantly left out in the sun.

  • Store out of reach of children to prevent accidental swallowing.​

How To Protect Your Hair Accessories When Styling With Hair Products 

  • You should treat your hair accessories just like your favourite jewellery, it should always be the last thing you put on when styling.

  • Apply hairspray first so it doesn’t dull or cause damage to your hair clips. Always make sure to let all hair products dry before finishing off your hairstyle by adding your hair clips.

  • Try and handle your hair clips and accessories as little as possible as the natural oils from your skin can cause discolouration and oxidisation to your hair jewellery pieces.

  • Perfume, hair products, body lotions can potentially damage your hair clips.

How To Clean Your Hair Accessories

  • Gently cleaning your hair accessories will help to remove any oils, dust and hair styling product build up.

  • To clean, use warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Very gently to remove any build up and be careful not to over rub your hair jewellery.

  • When using water or if your hair accessories have come into contact with water use a dry soft tissue or towel and gently pat them dry

  • Try and avoid getting beaded or threaded pearl hair jewels wet as they may lose their sheen. Simply wipe the hair accessories with a soft damp cloth if they are exposed to hair products, cosmetics or perfume.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners as the chemicals are too harsh and may damage your pieces.

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